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Accelerating quantum electronics research

Founded in 2016 QDevil’s mission is to develop and produce electronics and specialised components for quantum electronics research, in order to help researchers to spend less time on hardware hassels and more time on research.

QDevil’s first product was the 24-channel QFilter. The QFilter rejects noise and reduces the electron temperature in the leads going to the device to a few millikelvin from the fridge base temperature and is so far unmatched in this industry.

The product portfolio additionally includes the QDAC, a 24-channel ultra-precision voltage source, the QBoard, a fast-exchange sample holder system, and the QBox, a 24-channel breakout box.

QDevil has already a proven track record with a substantial number of installations at leading quantum computing research groups at universities and tech giants worldwide.

Our Products

Specialized for quantum electronics applications

QBox – Breakout Boxes
QBoard – Advanced Sample Holder
QDAC – Gate Controller DACs

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QDevil has the aim of accelerating the science in quantum electronics labs, by letting scientists focus their effort on the science, instead of constructing auxiliary equipment that already has been developed in other labs.

We are all experienced with cryogenic electronics science, and we will do our best to help you with picking the right components for your lab. Here are the people in our team that work directly with our customers:

Jonatan kutchinsky

CEO & Co-founder

Ferdinand Kuemmeth

CTO & Co-founder

Allan de Neergaard

Global Sales Manager

Anders Kühle

Product Scientist

Merlin von Soosten

Product Scientist

Søren Andresen

Product Scientist

Jayme Gartner-Demarchi

Operations and Finance Manager

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No. 868058 and 946372.