QBoard – advanced sample holder system

The QBoard – Sample holder for low-temperature electronic devices with proven design

QBoard is a modular, PCB-based cryogenic sample holder system for low-temperature electronic devices, such as spin-qubit chips and superconducting circuits. It has 48 DC/low-frequency channels and 16 high-frequency channels (GHz) and offers excel­lent thermalization down to millikelvin.

QBoard is based on a multi-board design for multiqubit devices1) which is used for example at the University of Sydney and the University of Copenhagen (Center for Quantum Devices). It consists of a motherboard, a daughterboard (which serves as a chip carrier), an interposer, a mounting bracket, plus all necessary cables for connecting the QBoard to the cold finger of a typical dilution refrigerator (or to the inside of cryostat’s measurement insert).

With this optimized, tested and well-documented system you do not need to spend valuable research hours on designing and manufacturing chip carriers and connectors for contacting your quantum chip.

QBoard cryogenic sample holder system from QDevil

QBoard with a mounted daughterboard. The 51 pin nano-D connectors are seen on the top side. The 16 mini-coax connectors are located in two rows on the bottom side.

The main features of the QBoard sample holder

  • Motherboard with two 51-pin nano-D connectors wired in parallel, facilitating sample check-in bot­tom-loader cryostats or grounding during connection.
  • Made of non-magnetic materials.
  • Daughterboards for sample mounting via wire bond­ing. Daughterboards are inexpensive – no more need to unbound good samples!
  • Daughterboards are prepared for mounting of resona­tor circuits for reflectometry.
  • 48 RC-filtered low-frequency lines.
  • 16 RF lines with two 8-pin mini-coax connectors.
  • 16 bias tees on motherboard for all RF lines.
  • Mounting bracket for inserts of popular dilution refrig­erators. QDevil supplies CAD files for customers who need to make their own brackets.


Further details about QBoard sample holder are available upon request.