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Would you like to work in an exciting growing tech company, while having a close affiliation with a world-class university group within quantum electronics? Come and join QDevil and the Center for Quantum Devices for a joint university/industrial project.

QDevil was founded in 2016 with the aim of accelerating the development of quantum computers and the R&D in quantum electronics labs. This is done by providing QDevil’s customers with a system of auxiliary electronics for their experimentation that spans cryogenic to room temperatures. The products have so far been sold to customers in 17 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

The Center for Quantum Devices at the University of Copenhagen investigates how to create, control, measure, and protect quantum coherence and entanglement in solid-state electronics. Research facilities include several closed cycle (cryogen-free) dilution refrigerators with superconducting vector magnets and low-temperature probe stations. Devices are operated using high-bandwidth instrumentation and fast data acquisition, covering DC, RF and microwave frequencies. Fabrication facilities include electron beam lithography systems, sputtering and e-beam evaporators, cleanroom and microscopy facilities. The University of Copenhagen is a top ranked university in Denmark with more than 40,000 students.

The project:

To design and characterise novel cryoelectronics based on gate-defined quantum-dot circuits to be used in auxiliary control systems for qubits, with the aim of developing advanced products for companies and university research laboratories around the world for quantum technology applications. Original ideas and research that has already been developed at QDevil and the Center for Quantum Devices will form the basis for the project.

Expected technical qualifications:

  • Characterisation of electronic devices at cryogenic temperatures
  • Experience with cleanroom fabrication of micro- and nanoscale devices
  • Experience with using a dilution refrigerator
  • Experience with high-frequency measurement techniques is an advantage
  • Background in semiconductor, solid-state, or quantum physics is an advantage

Formally required qualifications:

  • A PhD in experimental physics or similar, with maximum 5 years (excl. leave due to childbirth) since the date of receiving the PhD diploma
  • Has maximally worked 6 months full time in private sector companies since initiating PhD studies
  • Significant publications within the field

Personal qualifications:

  • Creative mindset, combined with a strong sense of order
  • Good at working independently and getting things done
  • Wants to learn and understand everything
  • Solid English skills

You will be formally employed by QDevil, and will work partly at QDevil’s premises and partly within Ferdinand Kuemmeth’s research group at the Center for Quantum Devices. It is the intention of QDevil to retain the successful applicant in the company as a company employee, after the end of the 2-year postdoc project. The employment contract will thus not be time limited.

Important when applying: Since the job will be co-funded by the Danish government, please send a comprehensive CV including all job positions since you initiated your PhD studies, and all publications. Please include the beginning and ending months of all your job positions and educations.

Are you interested and would like to hear more? Send your CV to CEO Jonatan Kutchinsky,